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Just Graduated From College? Here are 5 Tips To Help You Write The Resume That Will Get You Hired

Here’s the thing with college graduates: there are so many every year that companies view them as a dime a dozen. There’s no value if they’re scarce. It’s kind of like Amazon and their coupon codes: everyone uses Amazon, and people search for their promo codes, but there’s usually only 1 or 2 actual Amazon promo codes available each year. They are scarce, and they are valuable. Here’s how you can differentiate yourself and …

When it comes to online advertising, businesses will often report radically different results. Certain campaigns can result in high levels of engagement, while others receive very little attention and clicks. Many of the problems have been placed on banner blindness and distrust of advertising, but native ads on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn often provide excellent results for advertisers. However, one of the main issues, regardless of the advertising platform, is a lack of attention to graphics. Mediocre graphics are unlikely to grab any attention, leading to low engagement and a poor click-through rate. Thankfully,